What started as a family business manufacturing wireless (radio) sets in the 1920s has evolved into a whole new field of technology and innovation for Belgium-based Orthodyne. For almost 30 years the company was involved in the wireless business, but this dwindled in the early 1950s as transistor radios imported from America brought the curtain down on the firm’s wireless activities. Orthodyne then began producing appliances to measure impurities in argon used for welding. These chromatographs were fitted with a detector using high frequency discharges to serve in steel plants in the Liege region of Belgium. 
  The company’s customer base soon widened to Germany and France and Orthodyne’s structure and product range grew to include new high purity detectors for industrial and laboratory applications. Orthodyne played a ‘pioneering role’ in this field, following this up by further broadening its product range and developing in-house analytical software and its own ‘engineering’ department among other.