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Kinetic Systems Engineering & Services, Inc. is a leading analysis solutions provider, found in 1995, by a group of experienced engineers. We provide all our analytical instrument products, with full customization depending our client’s requirements. From evaluating and designing a complete system, making proposal with budget and schedule details, preparing and executing a contract, to delivering and installing the system with user trainings and services, our goal is to make sure that our clients can rely on our expertises and experiences. We have received the international ISO-9001:2008 certification for our services and quality control.

We believe that the spirit of technology is to constantly seek innovation and break through old technology; based on this concept,
every year our staff travel abroad to study and exchange knowledges, continue to learn advanced analysis technology.
We develop our products in analysis technology to include a variety of on-line and
chemical analysis methods currently available in the global market, from gas phase samples to liquid samples.
We have a wide range of customers from different industries, from engineering to academic institutes, and many other like
metallurgicalminingsteelpowergaselectronics and food.

The driving force of the company is our client’s affirmation.
We believe that our expertise and sincere and pragmatic service attitude are the best way to earn our customer’s trust.
With our respect to professionalism, our aim is always to provide the best solution for our customers,
and never just sales.