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About AMS (AMS Web Link)
AMS Analysen-, Meß- und Systemtechnik GmbH
1981 – 2013: More than 30 years of AMS process analytics systems
Since the company was founded in 1981 it was always focused on development, manufacturing and sales of measurement solutions.

Corporate history
· 1981 – Foundation of the AMS GmbH
· 1989 – Move of the corporate headquarters to Dielheim
· 1997 – Takeover of management by Dr. Grienauer
· 2011 – Certified quality management
· 2013 – Takeover of management by Mr. H. Kießling

Continous development, intensive customer care and product support
  An example for continuous product improvement and innovation by AMS: The analyser AMS 5200 is the successor of the AMS 3220.
  Incorporating new and compact electronic components, we are now able to use smaller protective housings. All AMS products comply with the current European Standards and are manufactured according tocustomer specification. This guarantees that each and every AMS analyser performs flawlessly even under rough operating conditions.
  Long-term customers and a great variety of applications on five continents bear witness of the innovativeness and performance of AMS products.
  AMS 3220 and AMS 5200






Quality that pays off
  High-quality analysers at attractive prices and with long product lifetime: The AMS analyser pictured here was delivered in 1988. Its operational lifetime lasted through 2010 under Ex zone 1 conditions.

The AMS delivery programm:

  Portable and stationary trace oxygen analysersfor general and Ex applications

  TÜV approved flue gas probes and transmitters, also for high temperature and Ex applications 

  Thermal conductivity analysers

  Wobbe index and calorific value analysers for combustible gases and off-gases for use in chemical and petrochemical industries for fast burner control

  Zero air generators for use with flame ionisation detectors (FID)

... to our product program

... more on our customer-specific manufacture

  AMS analysers with different enclosure types

Our after-sales service provides:

  Gas sample conditioning and special analyser equipment to customer needs · Worldwide spare parts supply

  Start-up assistance and training

  Local partners and maintenance


  Customer system based on several AMS analysers

The quality management system of AMS is certified by the German TÜV according to ISO 9001:2008.
  Take profit from the performance of the AMS products and services. We are looking forward to receive your inquiries.
  AMS GmbH – your partner for process analysis.